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Female Green Darner Dragonfly Anax junius. Female Green Darner Dragonfly Anax junius A common green darner dragonfly Anax junius female in Coventry, Rhode Island. [Picture taken using a Canon 20D; Canon 100 mm macro lens.] Date of Image: September 2005 [One of two related images. See Next Image.] More about this Species The green darner is. The common green darner, of the family Aeshnidae, is a widespread dragonfly often seen patrolling over fields some distance from water. Green darners are very large dragonfly with a length of 2 3/4 to 3 1/8 inches 68 to 80 millimeters. The thorax of the male is brownish green to yellowish green and unmarked. The abdomen is bright blue. The Common Green Darner dragonfly is widely spread across the regions in the North America including Canada and Alaska. It also occurs in Central and South America, including Mexico and other regions like the Caribbean, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, the British Virgin Island, the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands, Haiti and Puerto Rico. Green Darner Dragonfly – Anax junius The female on right pictured above has her genitals located in segment 9 at the tip of her abdomen clasped against the male’s penis and sperm reservoir. The male holds the female behind the head with his 3 claspers, and.

Gray Petaltail ♂ Grey Petaltail, male: Gray Petaltail: Shadow Darner: Green-striped Darner: Green Darner, male: Common Green Darner, male: Common Green Darner, female. Common green darner, female Anax junius Springtime Darner Basiaeschna janata, male: Harlequin darner Gomphaeschna furcillata, female:. Nice gallery of darners. Looks like you got almost all the species up your way. click on thumbnails for full image. Like all dragonflies, the common green darner undergoes simple or incomplete metamorphosis with three stages: egg, nymph sometimes called larva, and adult. The female green darner oviposits her eggs while in tandem with her mate, and is the only darner in North America to do so.

Dragonflies. This site has been replaced with a new one. Click here to go to the new site. NOTES. Representative photos of a male and female of each species are shown if available. Click on Photo Gallery Link for each species to see all available photos of that species. Common Green Darner Photo Gallery. The green darner or common green darner Anax junius, after its resemblance to a darning needle, is a species of dragonfly in the family Aeshnidae. One of the most common and abundant species throughout North America, it also ranges south to Panama.

04/12/2017 · The common green darner pair lays eggs in tandem, with the male using the claspers at the end of his abdomen to grip the female's neck. They then fly to a pond together and alight on emergent vegetation. The female then dips the tip of her abdomen in the water, pierces a. Common green darners are one of the larger dragonflies, growing up to about 7 or 8 cm in length. Their eyes are large, their thorax is short and robust, and their abdomen is long and slender. Their abdomen gives this type of dragonfly the common name "darner", as it resembles a darning needle.

Download Anax stock photos at the best stock photography agency with millions of premium high quality, royalty-free stock photos, images and pictures at reasonable prices. . Autumn Meadowhawk. Green Darner. Anax junius. Female common green darner, Photo: Lisa Brown. Male green darner, Photo: sankax. abdomen with many bold blue marks female may have green or yellow marks, cerci paired,finger-like extensions on tip of abdomen large and lance -shaped hence name on females. Dragonflies of Northern New Jersey Although all of the Dragonflies on this page were photographed in northern NJ, most of these Dragonflies' range can be found in the northeastern United States US / USA. The identification photos are organized by family. Photos start lower on page. The family pages are constantly being updated with Dragonfly.

Thanks to their large size and beautiful blue eyes, the Blue-eyed Darner is easy to spot and identify. The blue and black coloring on the abdomen 'tail' is difficult to miss. This species is one of a few Darners to make an appearance soon after winter in the western part of the continent. The Giant Darner is hailed as the largest example of dragonfly found in the United States of America. This dragonfly can measure about 5" 12.7 cm in length with a mighty wide wingspan of up to 5" as well. Highly identifiable by their blue and black coloring, the Giant Darner will not escape your attention when it comes zipping by.

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